Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year (noughties summed up)

Been a week or so since my last post, due to some heavy drinking and stuffing (ye the edible stuffing).

Yet another year has passed and as we head into a new decade we see a number that looks like something out of Blade Runner. Twenty Ten (2010) has arrived.

Listening on the radio I have constantly heard the question, what will you remember the n0ughties for?

The general consensus was that the horrific bombings of 9/11 was what the majority of people will remember the decade for. 9/11 is also my choice of remembrance of the decade a moment history that can not ever be forgotten.

But, if I was asked the question, What sums up the decade?

The answer would quite simply be Social Networking.
Social Networking had been around for quite some time, I used to use Habbo hotel years and years ago. However the noughties saw a huge change in the way that Social Networking would be used.

Friends Re-United - Paved the way for social networking in my opinion, especially within the UK. The way that we could instantly receive messages and get in touch with people from the past so easily was a revelation.

MySpace - Not only could you build your own stylised profile to your taste, but you could integrate music into your profile as well as message friends and meet new people. It became the new way for unsigned music talent to get themselves noticed.

You Tube - Video content that can be embedded onto any webpage. A massive leap into the way that people can view content and not having to read pages of information.

Facebook - I think that Facebook is a product of all those previous. Are the Facebook creators genius's? I'm not so sure as the elements were already there, but, they did take a massive opportunity that nobody else had jumped upon.

Within businesses Social Networking is become more and more vital for getting information from p2p much quicker and more efficiently. It's a universal way that a large majority of people can recognise or learn easily and this is why we have seen the emergence of business focused networking sites such as Linked In.

We now know that Apps and the integration of interactive media is an integral part of the marketing strategies of most Brands. However, we really are at the early stages of content being made available in every nook and cranny. If we make as much progress that has been made in the last decade then we really will be living in a scene from The Fith Element.

Exciting Times !!!

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