Sunday, 3 January 2010

Shut the FA-CUP ITV

Shortly i'll be departing for my visit to Upton park for the third round FA Cup tie between West Ham and Arsenal. This is now the second year that ITV have out-bid their competitors to broadcast matches from the tournament and alongside this they have rebranded their football side of the channel.

The strap line: "We are football united"

I feel that this strap line is awfully broad, especially considering that football is a game of competition and hatred of other clubs. This makes their message unclear! Are they purely describing the obvious that people are united by watching ITV? Are they talking about the coming together of football fans? To me it just sounds like a campaign for fair play not a brand strap line that captures what we all love about the game!

ESPN the newest broadcaster to show the beautiful game has really hit the nail with their clever and non-intruding strap line.

"It's great to be here" - It suggests that they are your guests and that it is our game and that they are merely here to provide a good service and not change anything!

Anyway, I must get ready!

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