Thursday, 10 December 2009

Boris wants to Re-brand London!!!

I've got a great idea to Re-brand London!


Why does London need a re-brand that will cost the tax payer £600,000 when the whole world is watching us! Is the PR for the biggest event in the world not enough exposure?

Ridiculous!!! The way to re-brand London is to focus the attention towards reputation. knife crime and cleanliness need to be addressed before they start the cheesy 'Visit Lond-on' bollox again!

Did Beijing have to re-brand before they hosted the games? No!!! They focused on pollution and spending money trying to improve the city!

Fair enough, I have been impressed with the new campaign for the Police that has recently aired on our televisions and they have given me some reassurances, whether the 'pledge' will be kept to is another question. Also, the campaign is for the entire Nation, yes the Nation that is suffering all over the country, not just London (Just another reason why this is a stupid bloody idea) Ads like this will have a much larger affect on people in my opinion then telling people to visit because 'Lond-on is great'.

Silly Boris!

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