Tuesday, 8 December 2009

The New Brand (Leaking Creativity)

As designers we focus our minds towards problem solving. Wondering if our work is good enough and pondering on ways to improve it causes way too many sleepless nights. Personally, I kind of like those little spouts of creativity that creep up on you in the middle of the night. In fact, it makes me want to work on the idea right away and not let anything slip out of my mind. (For this same reason i'm posting at 2.34 in the morning).

You might be asking, why this is relevant ?

These sleepless nights are frustrating yet fulfilling, annoying yet moorish. You get the picture? No? Let me explain. We all leak creativity, no-one knows when an idea will hit them. You can work for hours and days on end and not come to any conclusion. Yet you go to the cinema to watch that film you've been waiting all year for the idea to hit you right at that random moment. You then dwell on it until you can do anything about it. It's like a drug addiction you can't control!!!

When I was contemplating as to how I would re-brand Foxy Design I decided that i'd stay true to my roots. We all know that to be a successful Brand these days you must connect with the consumers emotions. Kevin Roberts Ceo of Saatchi and Saatchi lives by his method of Lovemarks http://www.lovemarks.com/. Now, thousands of Brands are taking this exact same approach. For example Burberry have recently launched a Social Network (Yes that's right, facebook for fashion, well, chavsion). In which the consumer can upload a photograph of themselves in a Burberry trench coat and interact with other users by commenting on how well they wore the coat. Burberry had something stupid like 3million hits in its week! http://artofthetrench.com

Interaction is key in the move for success, but does interaction literally mean to touch or move something? I don't believe so, I believe that clever design and copy writing can have the same reaction as the so-called "Touch Interaction" as the same emotions can be felt without having to lift a finger.

Me? Well i've recently graduated from University and like I said, I leak creativity. This is what my Brand is focused towards. It contains a young edge with the colour scheme and visuals and communicates exactly what I do. I LEAK CREATIVITY!!!

My aim is to not only gain freelance work (I should be so lucky in this market) but to reach out to those fellow Design/Ad/Marketing/ grads and to give them an insight into my story.

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