Friday, 11 December 2009

One good idea, can change you forever!

On those odd occasion where you sit in a car waiting for someone and you happen to have your mac with you. Well maybe not the odd occasion as this will probably never happen again in my life.

I found myself opening up illustrator as I was bored. I began to produce a Julian Opie style portrait. (add link) You'll recognise his work from the Album Cover that he produced for Blur back in (date). I have always been an admirer of his work. I remember looking at his work when I was studying Art and Design for my A-levels and wondering how something so simple could be so iconic. Some things just work and stick with you. I'm sure that Opie's early work wouldn't have followed his strict guidelines.

Successful pieces of design can change you/ your company forever. It can become a companies identity that is so strong and so unique to the company and it's roots that you will never want to loose it. It's funny how success can ground you as a designer from being more experimental. But this isn't necessarily a bad thing. You stick to your rules and die by them. "If it ain't bad then don't fix" it comes to mind.

Ad agency BBH is another example of how success has dictated a companies brand. The black sheep that surrounds BBHs identity came from a very successful ad campaign for Levis Jeans. The advert was essentially a flock of white sheep heading in one direction and one black sheep heading in another with the strap line "When the world zigs, zag".


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