Saturday, 12 December 2009

To succeed, your users must'nt read

With the emergence of cross-media platforms. Information that would usually have been read as an article would now be seen as a video or interactive activity.

Most major brands have all invested millions into the technologies. And let's be honest we all prefer to watch rather than read!

The problem for those smaller companies is that to produce content for all these different channels they need to invest in developers and content managers. This costs a bomb!

However, its believed that this problem will soon be demolished!

Adobe Flash CS5 is on the horizon!
With a release date yet tba. If Adobe deliver what they promise then the world will become a much less content read place!

It promises consumers to easily place together websites with video content, magazines with video content, Pdfs (yes now with embedded video) and most importantly! I phone applications!

No longer will you need to employ a developer who knows how to read chocolate (well cocoa). It can all be done with the visuals of the Flash interface!

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